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At Delta Dental of Oklahoma, we describe Prevent•efits as taking basic steps to care for your teeth through routine cleanings and exams. But, it’s also about a lifelong approach to a healthier smile. It’s about you taking an active role in maintaining great oral health. That’s just one reason why Delta Dental of Oklahoma offers such great coverage for preventive services like routine cleaning and exams.
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  The dentist is your key to successful care management. At Delta Dental, we have the
largest provider networks of any dental carrier in the country. If you’re looking for a dentist – look no further:
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  You have a choice...for now! Prevent cavities, gum disease, tooth loss and other serious oral health problems - or wait to treat them later at a much greater cost financially and to your oral health?

Using our Prevent•efits approach, we want to partner with you and your dentist to help identify and avoid high risk behaviors, while teaching you easy and effective ways to maintain and improve your oral health. > Read on
  Delta Dental provides dental benefit plans designed for individuals and families.
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Why cleanings & exams?
About our networks