Oral Health Solutions.

Prevention in action, that’s Delta Dental of Oklahoma.

  We encourage the practice of preventive care designed to improve the oral health of our valued members. Regular check-ups and simple actions like brushing and flossing prevent infections and disease.  
  young smiling boy holding toothbrush   Learn how oral health affects your overall health
Did you know regular dental checkups may tell dentists about your overall health? Take a few minutes to read why in our Oral Health Brochure.

Did you know your daily hygiene routine is one of the most important aspects of maintaining oral health? Take a few minutes to read some helpful tips in our Oral Health Tip Sheet.
  Woman with brown hair.   It all starts with you!
Dental disease is almost completely preventable. Our Prevent•efits approach uses prevention to help you strive for optimal oral health and a life without dental disease. We want to help you recognize the importance of routine cleanings and exams and the importance of using tools like Spotlight to help you understand your benefits and maintain great oral health for the rest of your life. Visit our dedicated Oral Wellness site to learn how to keep your mouth healthy! www.DeltaDentalOK.org/oralhealth
  A family smiling together.   Working with your dentist!
Our commitment to your oral wellness doesn't end here. We also work closely with our network dentists to provide them with the most up-to-date information about your benefits and provide them with e-tools to process claims quickly and accurately.

Communications, support, and great coverage combined with strong partnerships with our dentists. It's all part of Prevent•efits. And, it's what you can always expect from the industry leader in dental benefits.
  A couple holding their baby.   As a Delta Dental member, you're so fortunate!
For many Americans, the lack of benefits and the cost of dental services is a real barrier to care and causes so many to wait until it's too late. You're lucky! Delta Dental covers routine cleaning and exam procedures up to 100% for many members. This makes it easy on your pocketbook and encourages basic care. So what are you waiting for?
  A family sitting together.   Members use Spotlight to maximize their benefits!
As part of our Prevent•efits program, Delta Dental offers you valuable information about your benefits, educational videos, tips, and we even email you our educational DDS member newsletter and updates. Select the following link or be sure to visit the Spotlight section of this site and sign up today! You'll be very glad you did! Enroll in Spotlight!

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