About Our Networks - Transcript

Because of our 50+ years of experience, Delta Dental knows how to deliver real value and savings to you. The other cornerstone of your Delta Dental benefits is your freedom to choose your dentist from the largest networks of dentists in the nation.

The Delta Dental Premier network and the Delta Dental PPO network are the two largest, most popular networks in the state (and nationwide).

With Delta Dental Premier, nearly 90 percent of the state’s dentists are in the network, so it’s easy to find one just right for your needs. These dentists have agreed to cost containment features that not only save money, but deliver high standards of dental care and services.

With Delta Dental PPO, a tighter network of providers delivers even greater cost savings, yet still provides the largest selection of PPO providers in the state.

Once you’ve provided us with your Delta Dental coverage plan and a few other basic details, you’ll be provided with a complete list of participating dentists in your specific area, and the Delta Dental coverage plans in which they participate.

With either the Premier or PPO network, you’ll choose from the widest selection of participating dentists. But you’ll also enjoy No Balance Billing, which means – based on your particular network – participating dentists agree to accept a set fee for services delivered … and no more.

Assuming deductibles and co-payments are met – any Delta Dental subscriber who receives services within their network, cannot be billed more than the maximum allowable fee amount for a particular procedure. It’s all part of our promise to help you get the most from your benefits – a promise on which Delta Dental delivers!

So, once you’ve selected a dentist and your visit begins, your dentist will provide you with your dental care and their office staff handles all the claim filing for you.

Dentists participating in our Premier and PPO networks will ONLY collect in advance, at the time of service, for those dollars not paid by Delta Dental. These may include but are not limited to the following services:

Deductible and co-payment amounts, expenses for noncovered services, and any amounts over your plan maximum.

Quite simply, all you have to do is pick your dentist and make your appointment. We take care of the rest.

But your access to our large dentist networks, and the ease of receiving dental care is just the beginning of the story – exceptional claim filing and claim processing assures a smooth experience.


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